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Responsive & Fast

We take the speed of our websites quite seriously. We use plugins like smush to decrease image size and increase page load speed. We also use various tools to minify CSS & JS files to boost responsiveness.  

Premium SSL Certificate

Lots of companies like to charge you that pesky $80/Year for your SSL Certificate, or maybe even more (not cool). We include premium SSL Certificates on all our web builds. This builds trust with customers & clients because they know your website is safe.

Domain Registration & Hosting

We pay for your domain & hosting services. That’s one less bill to pay, yay! If you already own a domain and have paid to host we will even subtract those costs from the cost of your plan. Name another company that does that…

Daily Backups

All of our client’s sites are on a daily backup system. This means if anything happens to your site (malware, viruses, unwanted redirects) we have a clean backup for you.

2 Hours Of Web Maintenance Every Month

Only 2 hours you say? Well, we can make minor changes in seconds. So those 2 hours go a long way. Photo swaps, staff changes, new products or services, special deals, and promotions will all be added to your site at ludicrous speed.

Mobile Friendly, Tablet Friendly, Desktop Friendly.

Getting your website to look amazing across several different screen sizes and devices is difficult. We have iPhones, Android’s, Laptops, and different monitor sizes in our office and we utilize these to make sure your website design is clean across the board.

We Offer Free Website/SEO Audits & Consultations ($500 Value)

We will perform an in-depth website audit for free! Just reach out via the button below and request your audit. Website audits are delivered within 48 hours of your request. They are not sent instantly because we actually have a professional SEO specialist audit your site.


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World-Class Website Design

Our websites are designed and built by a team of educated specialists that know how to present your business in the most professional, clean, and effective ways possible. We know how to turn your web presence into an unstoppable powerhouse. Read below to find out what we deliver that the next guy most likely won’t.


Maybe you already have a website? Interested in making it perform better in the search engines? Check out our SEO page.

Previously Completed Website Design Projets

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Company Is Local, Do I Still Need A Website?

Yes, you do! Websites help establish credibility. Did you know that 81% of people conduct online research before choosing where to spend money? If your business is lacking an online presence than your business will suffer.

We Have A Website, Why Has It Not Helped Our Business?

Here’s why, many small and medium-size businesses simply throw a website together without a plan. A poor website can be equally as devastating as not having a website at all. Without a clear direction, a website can confuse and irritate potential leads resulting in a drop in sales for your company.

Why Should I Have Keystone Build My Website?

Keystone has the knowledge and understanding of not only the technologies to make your website look professional but also the strategies that will keep leads on your site long enough to make the sale. We work tirelessly with our developers to make sure your company is properly represented. Website design is something we strive to raise the bar in.

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